RUWI drilling table for the pillar drilling machine and pillar drilling machine

Revolutionize work on the column drill

One tool for all your requirements: optimize your work processes on the column drilling machine with the RUWI drilling table. Gain security and flexibility through particularly easy, quick and precise fixing of workpieces.

The drill table you need
With the RUWI drilling table, you experience an incomparable work experience: quick, effortless fastening of the workpiece allows you to fully immerse yourself in your work. The “flow state” accelerates your work processes and increases your motivation. Experience greater efficiency and satisfaction with every project.
A simple clamping system for maximum precision
Fasten workpieces easily and securely in the desired position on the drilling table with the freely positionable clamping elements.
Finely adjustable stops guarantee maximum precision when positioning workpieces.
The foldable stop elements also offer maximum flexibility for different workpiece shapes.
A drill table that makes your life easier
The drilling table was developed with safety in mind. It makes it possible to work at any angle without worrying about your work piece slipping or shifting.
With practical accessories such as vertical clamps, vices and table extensions, you can adapt the RUWI drilling table to your requirements. This makes your production processes even more effective.

Drill table product overview

The classic version of the RUWI drill table is ideal for smaller workshops and woodworkers. The premium version, on the other hand, is suitable for commercial companies, schools or workshops for people with disabilities, because the associated table extension enables large and long workpieces to be processed.

The drill table for all carpenters / carpenters, the industry and ambitious woodworkers

With the RUWI drilling table, you can upgrade common column drilling machines and pillar drilling machines with a manageable investment. Thought out by the RUWI wood professionals, the drill table makes work much easier for professionals in trade and industry. The solid workmanship “Made in Germany” made of galvanized sheet steel and anodised aluminum guarantees a long service life.

Carpentry / Joinery

wood industry and furniture making

Professional DIY / Woodworker

The idea for the drilling table came about in practice on our own pillar drilling machine. In combination with our tool-free clamping technology, work safety can be increased.

Reiner Ruggaber , developer of the drill table

RUWI drilling table – your perfect partner for the production of small series

The production of small series is a highly complex process. The RUWI drilling table makes it easier than ever to produce small series in your workshop.

We have combined clamping elements that can be adjusted without tools and offer strong holding power with a lasered measuring scale and hinged end stops with fine adjustment. This guarantees high-quality results in every step of the production process and makes the RUWI drilling table the perfect partner for series production.

RUWI drilling table in use

Our drill table easily mounts onto existing machine tables and bolts for permanent installation. Compatible with all pillar drills with a pillar spacing of at least 120 mm, it is the ideal addition to your workshop. Whether Flott, Alzmetall, Stürmer, Wabeco, Bernado or other manufacturers – the RUWI drilling table is compatible with many column drilling machines and ensures an efficient and reliable working environment.

The drilling table in detail

Fast, tool-free fixing, adjustment and dismantling of the stop and clamping elements helps to make work on the column drill safer and more efficient. Find out more here about how to attach the RUWI drill table and use it effectively. We will show you practical tips and tricks so that you can get the most out of our product.

How is the drilling table delivered?

The scope of delivery of the Premium drilling table consists of the following individual parts, which can be assembled quickly and easily:

  • basket
  • Drilling table
  • Stop ruler
  • stop bracket
  • Table extension
  • screws

To attach the drill table:

  1. Fasten the mounting adapter to the machine table of the drilling machine with 4 screws. The distance to the column should be at least 120 mm.
  2. Screw the drill table to the mounting adapter with 4 countersunk screws.
  3. Drilling table including mounted basket is fixed to the existing ”drilling table” with 4 screws.

How is the fence attached to the drill table?

The stop ruler is mounted on the clamping plate of the drilling table and fixed with stop angles that are screwed into the grooves of the clamping plate. The 700 mm long stop ruler has a cross-section of 40×40 mm and can be clamped to the back of the drill table with the RUWI quick-release clamps without tools and steplessly.

The folding stops of the stop ruler can be adjusted in the fine range and enable the desired length to be set. Clamping angles are inserted with quick-releases in the outermost grooves of the drilling table and fixed in any position.

Process long workpieces effortlessly and safely

If you need to process long workpieces, our table extension is the perfect solution for you. The table extension can be hung on the fastening rails on the left, right or front and is fastened with a clamping lever. The foldable support foot is infinitely adjustable and can reach a height of approx. 72-107 cm, allowing you to work easily and safely with long workpieces.

Use our table extension and process long workpieces easily, safely and efficiently with long workpieces.

Fix small workpieces quickly and easily with the vice (optional accessory)

Make your drilling work easier and increase work safety and efficiency with the machine vice from RUWI. Attach it to the drill table quickly and easily with the two quick-release clamps – without any tools. This enables quick and precise positioning and fixing, especially of small workpieces that are otherwise difficult to fix. Convince yourself of our machine vice and experience optimized drilling operations.

Sophisticated drill table extensions and accessories

Senkrechtspanner Set für RUWI Bohrtisch

The vertical clamp set contains an adapter plate, two quick releases and one vertical clamp. The clamps increase safety and increase efficiency in drilling operations. Comfort plus: The automatic height compensation handles material thicknesses from 0 – 40mm completely by itself. This means that the vertical clamp is securely positioned and fixed on the drilling table with the clamping plate in no time at all, without the use of tools. The circular adapter plate belonging to the set ensures precision and flexibility when positioning the pressure spindle.


The machine vise set consists of two quick-release clamps and a machine vise. The vice is positioned and fixed on the clamping plate in no time using the two quick-release clamps. This set increases the efficiency and safety when working on pillar drilling machines.


Adapt the RUWI drill table optimally to your requirements with intelligent accessories. All accessories can be freely positioned in the grooves of the clamping plate. Press – turn – fix, it couldn’t be easier or quicker than with the RUWI quick release skewers.


The position bracket set contains a position bracket and a quick release. The quick release fixes the position angle precisely at any point in the clamping plate, on the stop ruler or on the table extension. The stop height and depth can be finely adjusted with the stop screw. With this pre-setting, workpieces can also be machined in series with the greatest possible precision.


If required, the RUWI milling table table extension can be attached to the side or front of the milling machine without tools. It not only enlarges the work surface for larger workpieces, but can also be used as an additional storage surface. (A mounting set for the table extension is required here).

Waagrechtspanner Set für RUWI Bohrtisch
The RUWI drilling table is a purchase for life

The mechanical elements of our machines are built to a high quality for a long service life and maximum work safety. We take responsibility for our region and only purchase our material and parts from regional partners. Here you can find out more about RUWI the company .


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