3D milling unit for RUWI milling table


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The RUWI 3D unit for the milling table is ideal for processing curved, crooked or deformed workpieces. The high-quality attachments have two movable workpiece supports. This means that every concave and convex curvature can be traced. The milling unit is therefore ideally suited for industry and trade. Adjustable tool covers and adjustable suction nozzles ensure greater safety when working with the 3D unit on the milling machine. It is also height-adjustable and can be quickly and easily positioned to the side of the table router. Of course, the 3D milling unit can be integrated later without any problems. The accessories can be easily attached in just a few steps using the Schuko sockets that are already pre-installed on the table router. Do you have questions about our wood and metalworking machines? You will find a lot of helpful information on our website about the product RUWI spindle moulder .

Shipping Information

Packaging: In the carton
Dimension: 520x420x300mm
Weight: 9kg

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