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Drilling tables from RUWI accelerate work processes thanks to the quick fixing of workpieces and offer efficient and precise work.

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Where is the RUWI drilling table used?

The drilling table can be used wherever a larger area is required to support the workpiece and where it is important to design drilling operations safely, with repeat accuracy and efficiently. In other words, pretty much everywhere! Here some examples:

Drilling series parts made of wood, metal or plastic on the stop ruler: the drilling position can always be quickly and easily set to the desired dimension on the lasered measuring scale. Tip: The table extension can also be used as a stacking aid for serial parts.

Machining long, large parts: With the table extension, the workpiece support surface can be optionally enlarged on the left, right and front.

Drilling of small and problematic parts: Appropriate clamps or the machine vice can be fixed quickly and without tools in the grooves of the drilling table. Thus, the workpiece does not have to be held by hand. This reduces the risk of injury on the drill many times over!

Does the drill table fit my drill press?

The drilling table from RUWI offers a variety of connection options to existing machines thanks to the grooves in the mounting adapter. This results in maximum compatibility with a wide variety of pillar drills, bench drills, drill stands and also smaller milling machines. Detailed installation instructions as well as screws and thread plates are included in the delivery.

With the large number of machine types on the market, however, it may be the case that the screw length / diameter or the groove plate does not match. In these rare cases, for example, the slot nuts usually supplied with the drill or alternatively nuts with the appropriate washers can be used.

How is the drill table assembled?

The fastening element from the RUWI drilling table is aligned on the receiving table of the column/table drilling machine or the drilling stand. The fastening adapter is then screwed firmly into the T-slots of the drill, which are usually arranged in a crosswise or cross-shaped manner, using at least 2 screws and slot nuts. The RUWI drilling table can then be connected to the fastening element with 4 SW4 Allen screws. A one-off assembly effort of approx. 10 minutes increases work safety, repeat accuracy and thus also the effectiveness of drilling.

Drill table FAQ


Can I retrofit the RUWI Basic drilling table with a stop ruler?

The stop ruler with the lasered measuring scale is available as an accessory in the RUWI online shop and can be adapted with the clamping brackets in the outer grooves of the RUWI Basic drill table.

What if the shatter shield is “punctured”?

If the splinter guard is worn out, it can be rotated first and used on the other side. If the second side is also used up accordingly, there is the option of ordering the splinter guard as a spare part in the RUWI online shop.

Can I also use the drill table with a series drill (several table drills installed next to each other)?

All drilling tables from RUWI have already prepared the corresponding holes on the side edges so that they can be connected to each other. This makes it possible to connect 2, 3 or more clamping tables in order to create a long platform even with a row drilling machine, in order to be able to use the advantages of the RUWI drilling tables and accessories there as well.

I bought the Basic / Classic drill table without a table extension and now I notice that I often have to drill long workpieces. What are the options?

In order to be able to adapt the RUWI table extension or an Aigner table extension to the drill tables, you need the mounting rails. The drilling tables Basic and Classic have already prepared the holes for the mounting rails on the edges on the left, right and front. If you need this, please contact us by phone or via the contact form. The rails can also be easily retrofitted and make it possible to fix table extensions to the drill table in just a few simple steps, thus significantly expanding the support surface and thus the possible uses of the drill table.
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