RUWI lift table / scissor lift table

A lifting table for all cases

With this high-quality, extremely load-bearing and continuously height-adjustable lifting table from the RUWI think tank, you create optimal working conditions for yourself and your employees. Ergonomics and flexibility paired with the highest quality “Made in Germany” make the RUWI lifting table / work and assembly table fit for all applications in woodworking under tough production conditions in trade and industry as well as in training workshops, educational institutions and workshops for the disabled.


A high-quality, smooth-running hydraulic system brings the scissor lift table to an ergonomic and back-friendly working height using a foot pump. Advantages: fewer days lost due to illness, higher productivity and cost savings thanks to healthy, motivated employees.


The lifting table is an all-rounder as a slot or hole grid table. Variable table sizes are created with support rails or by swiveling them open. Together with a comprehensive range of accessories, it meets almost all requirements. Its high functionality and flexibility inspire in everyday work.


The extremely stable and resilient lifting table with its four lockable swivel castors is at home wherever it is needed. As a mobile all-rounder, the RUWI scissor lift table is not only recommended in relation to the table milling machine but is also suitable for intralogistic tasks such as the in-house transport of materials.

Diverse application possibilities

The lifting table from the RUWI woodworking machine range is available in different sizes with different surfaces in the groove and hole grid system as well as with extensive accessories, from the unique RUWI quick release to the vice. Its work surface can be easily doubled or expanded. The height of the lifting table can be adjusted using a hydraulic foot pump and can carry up to 300 kg.

Lifting table with perforated grid plate Ø 20mm

The RUWI lifting table with HPL perforated grid plate for wood and plastic processing is available in three versions with 96 precisely milled 20 mm holes. This multifunctional and highly resilient mobile workbench with the RUWI clamping and stop elements that can be operated without tools and their compatibility with many accessory variants from other manufacturers as well as infinitely variable height adjustability is an asset for every user – also from an ergonomic point of view.

Technical dataWork table HPL perforated grid plateSet with drawer and storage spaceSet with swivel perforated grid plate
Work surface1200 x 800 mm1200 x 800 mm1200 x 800 mm (1200 x 1600 mm swiveled open)
Load capacity underframe300 kg300 kg300 kg
Working height45 – 105 cm53 – 113 cm57 – 117 cm
Height adjustmentHigh quality hydraulic pumpHigh quality hydraulic pumpHigh quality hydraulic pump
RUWI functional plate ø 28 mm
Work surfaceMultiplex with HPL coatingDurable HPL coatingDurable HPL coating
Drawer and storage space
Stop rails2 support rails + clamping bracket4 support rails + clamping bracket
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With this mobile lifting table model, consisting of a base frame and work table with a perforated grid plate, the work surface of 120 x 80 cm between 45 and 105 cm in height can be infinitely adjusted with a hydraulic foot pump. The table top consists of a low-warping HPL multilayer board covered on both sides with an extremely hard-wearing HPL layer. All holes are precisely milled in a 96mm grid. The hole diameter of 20mm makes the table compatible with a wide range of accessories. This turns it into a multifunctional and mobile workbench. A high-quality and smooth-running hydraulic foot pump always brings the work surface to the correct ergonomic height. Four solid rubber swivel castors with brakes make the mobile workbench an all-rounder in daily use as an assembly table, storage aid, stacking trolley and more, a reliable guarantee for more efficiency in the work process, for flexibility and mobility in the company.

In the set with drawer and storage space, two 120 cm long support rails with anti-slip surface and four clamping brackets with clamping bolts, the comfort and area of application of the lifting table are expanded. The height of the work surface of this table can be continuously adjusted between 53 and 113 cm. The support rails included in the set are attached to the hole pattern with the clamping brackets without tools and in a highly flexible manner. The stop rails are equipped with screwed-on workpiece supports that can be easily exchanged at any time. Its highly effective anti-slip coating holds the workpieces in place and allows convenient processing, often without any additional fixation. The generous storage space with its wide-opening drawer provides easy access to all necessary accessories, tools and support rails.

The RUWI Premium lifting table with swivel plate grows in no time with its requirements to a worktop size of 160 x 120 cm. With the four support rails and eight clamping brackets included in the set, the work surface can be flexibly enlarged. Otherwise, its equipment corresponds to the other two variants. The height of the work surface of this table can be continuously adjusted between 57 and 117 cm.

Flexible accessories

Push – turn – fix, it couldn’t be easier. The clamping system accessories for groove and perforated worktops from RUWI Maschinenbau are extremely flexible in use. It fits perfectly with the lifting tables but also with all other multifunctional tables with a groove width of 8-10mm or a hole pattern of 20mm, such as Festool MFT, MW 1000 or Sortimo Workmo. All components can be positioned without tools in next to no time. In this way, the simplest but also the most complex constructions are created, which are extremely time-saving and can be varied or dismantled just as quickly.

The 120 cm long stop rails are equipped with screwed-on workpiece supports that can be easily exchanged at any time. Their highly effective anti-slip coating holds the workpieces in place and allows convenient processing, often without any additional fixation. Clamping with screw clamps is also no problem thanks to the holes provided in the surface. The woodworker will usually use this “value-added table”, which is tailored to his needs, as an assembly, clamping and glue table.

All components of the hole grid or slot clamping system can be fixed quickly and without tools on hole grid tables with a hole of 20mm or in slots with a width of 8-10mm. The accessories included can be used extremely flexibly for a wide variety of clamping and stop situations. In no time at all, simple but also highly complex constructions can be created which, thanks to their uncomplicated, foolproof construction and just as easy dismantling, can handle even unusual tasks with flying colors. Fixing, tensioning, assembling, everything is possible with the extensive and valuable accessories.
All parts can also be ordered individually. The wall panel has space for additional accessories, as the locating pins can be freely positioned in the grooves.

At RUWI, we give our products a particularly long life expectancy, always use the best materials and take responsibility. That is why we guarantee you our goodwill and, as the saying goes, “customer-oriented guarantee behavior”. We stand for what we like to do beyond the legally prescribed manufacturer’s guarantee of two years, as a competent contact person and consultant on all channels, also by telephone. Contact us if you should ever need spare parts after many years. We guarantee the availability of spare parts for a long time.

Service is the German word for it. We are happy to provide our service for your satisfaction and, whenever possible, immediately. Your spare parts order usually leaves our company on the same day. A competent and experienced team always has an open ear for all your questions, also on the phone – in short, service is a matter close to our hearts.

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