Curved ruler for RUWI spindle moulder Basic, Classic and Premium


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With the curved ruler for the RUWI spindle moulder Basic, Classic and Premium, external and internal radii on the workpiece can be continuously traced. In this way, profiles, grooves or notches can be milled parallel to the workpiece contour. To use the arched ruler, it is simply mounted on the stop ruler. It can be used on any drive spindle by moving it sideways. If it is no longer needed, it can be hung and stored on the right-hand side of the machine frame of the RUWI spindle moulder. The curved ruler is freely adjustable and can also be retrofitted later for the router. Please note that the curved ruler can only be used in conjunction with the appropriate stop ruler. You would like more information about the RUWI spindle moulder Then you will find it here.

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