Buy accessories for welding tables cheaply in the RUWI online shop

The perfect addition to your workplace

There are suitable accessories for every welding table that make the workplace even more efficient and comfortable. In the RUWI online shop you will find a wide selection of accessory products that are suitable for welding tables from various manufacturers.

Eccentric clamps and clamping bolts

Secure fixation for workpieces

Eccentric clamp sets including clamping bolts in the versions Ø 16 mm, Ø 28 mm and washer or Ø 28 mm, Ø 16 mm and washer are a good choice for fastening workpieces quickly and easily. Vertical and horizontal clamps with clamping bolts in different sizes offer reliable fixation, while the TW16 200/100 screw clamp with adapter disk and clamping bolt Ø 16 or Ø 28 is suitable for selective fixation. The clamping bolt 16 K with clamping lever and Ø 16mm or the clamping bolt 16 S with screw and Ø 16mm are a good choice if a clamping range of 0-36mm is required. The clamping bolt 28 K / Ø 28 mm with clamping lever or the clamping bolt 28 S / Ø 28 mm with screw offer a higher clamping force for larger workpieces.

Stainless steel top plate and hole grid

for individual adjustment

A stainless steel top plate with 2mm thickness and dimensions 1185 x 785 is a good choice when a smooth surface is required. This plate is suitable for breadboard welding tables and offers excellent quality for use in industrial applications. A clamping bolt set Ø 16 or Ø 28 with a wall panel can also ensure individual adjustment of the workplace.

Order welding table accessory products from RUWI

Overall, the RUWI online shop offers a wide selection of accessory products that make the welding table more efficient, flexible and comfortable. From clamping bolts to stainless steel top plates and wall panels – here you will find everything you need to optimally equip your welding table.