RUWI table extension

More space, more possibilities - extend your work surface

Effortlessly enlarge the work surface of your machines and achieve first-class results with the RUWI table extension for carpenters/carpenters, woodworkers and also in the metal sector.

Table extensions for mounting rail

  • for RUWI milling table and drilling table
  • for mounting rail
  • Optionally with mounting adapter for more possibilities

Table extensions for Mafell Erika

  • for Mafell Erika
  • Can be assembled without tools
  • Optionally with mounting adapter for more possibilities

"The RUWI table extension is not just an accessory, but a complete concept and offers me maximum flexibility and comfort. At the same time, my range of work will be expanded enormously with increased safety.”

Compatibility & Flexibility

More space & security

Work efficiently & precisely

Indispensable in every wood workshop

The ultimate addition to your workshop: With the RUWI table extension, you can work in completely new dimensions. Schaffen Sie Platz, um größere und längere Werkstücke ohne gefährliches Abkippen zu bearbeiten. Egal, welche Maschine – unser Anbautisch passt nahezu überall. Raise the quality of your work to a new level!

Table of Contents

“The idea came about in exchange with other wood professionals. We wanted to find a solution that was simple - compatible and lightweight. The table extension can be used in many ways - this saves space and gives flexibility.

RUWI: family business from the Black Forest

Our vision is to sustainably improve the working conditions for wood professionals. We strive to develop the best tools and solutions for everything related to woodworking.

With reverent respect for the finest craft, we develop durable and innovative tools that enable woodworking professionals to achieve outstanding results.

All-rounder in the workshop: Areas of application & compatibility

The extension table for mounting rails is connected securely and stably to your existing machines using existing mounting rails. The Mafell table extension offers direct compatibility with the popular Mafell Erika. In addition, you can attach both table extensions to many other machines using our special attachment adapter. The slot nuts of the RUWI mounting adapter also fit into the aluminum profile of the Festool MFT and other tables with Item, Minitec and other slot 8 profiles. This makes the additional table from RUWI an all-rounder in the workshop.

areas of application
  • Carpentry / carpentry
  • wood industry
  • Furniture construction
  • Professional do-it-yourselfer/ woodworker
  • training workshops
  • facility for people with disabilities
Table extension for Mafell Erika
  • Mafell Erika 70+85 – directly compatible without an adapter

Table extension for mounting rail

For the RUWI milling table, drilling table and all machines with mounting rails

Possibilities with the attachment adapter accessory:

  • Festool MFT, Variobench and Dictum multifunction table
  • band saw
  • Circular saw and sliding table saw
  • table milling machine
  • Edge sanding machine/disc sanding machine

Advantages of the RUWI table extension

Discover the advantages of the RUWI table extension and experience how it increases your productivity. With our extension table you are ready for the daily challenges in woodworking.

Tool-free installation with just a few simple steps

Experience effortless work without the use of tools! With the RUWI add-on table, you can make all settings quickly and easily without having to rely on screw connections. Unfold and lock the support foot, adjust the height of the support foot, mount the table extension – everything can be implemented quickly and without tools.

Support rails with anti-slip covering

Fastened quickly and without tools into the groove of the extension profile. SGentle and safe support surface for workpieces – usually without additional clamping.

Innovative mounting adapter

Thanks to our special mounting adapter, you can attach the table extension to almost any machine with Item and Minitec profiles as well as many other profiles with slot 8. Alternatively, the mounting adapter can also be screwed directly, for example, to the machine table of the band saw (photo).

The mounting adapter is compatible with both the Mafell and the RUWI table extension.

Seamlessly connected support surface

Our table extension creates a seamlessly connected support surface for long workpieces so that you can work safely and precisely. The RUWI table extension thus replaces the need for time-consuming support from helpers or setting up roller blocks.
The table extension is mounted directly on the machine table and there is no gap. This minimizes the risk of workpieces tipping over or falling down. By finely adjusting the height, the table extension is exactly flush with each machine table.

An efficient and well thought-out RUWI workplace ensures that you can process long workpieces – e.g. on the saw, drill or milling machine – with maximum productivity.

360° positioning on the dovetail profile

Maximum flexibility for efficient and precise work: Expand the contact surface of your Mafell Erika 70 and 85 directly on the all-round dovetail profile. The RUWI additional table extends or widens the support surface according to your needs and creates more space for your projects.

Infinitely height-adjustable support foot and foldable when not in use

The infinitely adjustable support leg enables effortless adjustment of the work table to the height of the machine. Thanks to its foldable support leg and its space-saving design, you can easily store the table extension when not in use.

From the mini workstation to the huge work surface

Thanks to their unique design, you can mount several table extensions in a row without additional accessories. Transform a small workplace in your workshop or on the construction site into a huge work surface in no time at all – easily, quickly and without tools.

With the RUWI table extension, you create space for demanding projects and master every challenge in woodworking.

Clamping profile

The support surface has 3 grooves that you can use with the practical RUWI quick-release clamps to securely fix stops. The cross-section of the grooves also allows you to reliably fasten stops or workpieces with Festool FSZ or Bessey GTR.

This clever and reliable construction facilitates your daily work processes.

Transport mobile and safe

The RUWI table extension for the Mafell Erika has been specially optimized for the Systainer XXL so that you can transport it safely and conveniently to the construction site together with your Mafell Erika.

A practical solution for transport that saves valuable time!

With the RUWI table extension, you create space for demanding projects and master every challenge in woodworking.

Everything in place and always with you on the construction site

  • complete set incl. systainer
  • easy sawing of large and long parts with the Mafell saw
  • Areas of application: Cutting long filler strips, kitchen installation, repeatable cutting of long squared timber in the shell and much more.
  • surface-friendly support rails with anti-slip coating

Areas of application and examples of use

  • Long furniture side
  • chop cuts
  • Cut long strips to length
  • Fit parquet floorboards
  • Sawing filler strips when installing a kitchen
  • Cut squared timber / ceiling panels to length with repeat accuracy
  • Anti-slip covering for kitchen worktops and furniture fronts (in combination with the support rails with anti-slip covering)
  • Miter cuts of long parts
  • Clamp large workpieces on the opposite side to avoid tipping and to work safely
  • Very large support surface for the bench drill – large workpieces are no longer a problem

The RUWI table extension is a purchase for life

The mechanical elements of our machines are built to a high quality for a long service life and maximum work safety. We take responsibility for our region and only purchase our material and parts from regional partners. Learn more about here RUWI the company .


Discover our extensive range of accessories that are perfectly matched to the RUWI table extensions. Expand your possibilities and streamline your workflows with the following products:


The table extension for Mafell is compatible with the Mafell Erika 70 and 85. The table extension for fastening rails fits the fastening rails of the RUWI drilling table and milling table. In addition, you can use both RUWI table extensions anywhere on machines where mounting rails are mounted.

  1. Circular saw, table circular saw, sliding table saw, band saw, chop saw
  2. Pillar drill, bench drill, row hole drill
  3. planing machine, thickness planer
  4. Dresser, surface planer
  5. Combined planing/dressing machines
  6. edge grinding machines
  7. disc grinder
  8. Four-side planer, multi-side planer

The difference between the version for Mafell and the version for the Fastening rails lies primarily in their compatibility and design. The table extension for the Mafell Erika is specially designed for connection to the dovetail profile of the Mafell pull-down saw Erika 70 and 85. The table extension for the fastening rail However, it is compatible with the RUWI drilling table, the RUWI table milling machine and wherever a mounting rail is mounted. The Mafell table extension has a length of 76cm and fits into an XXL Systainer, the RUWI version has a total length of 106cm.

Yes, both table extensions are compatible with the Festool MFT (multifunctional table). This requires the mounting adapter, which is available separately. The mounting adapter enables the table extensions to be securely and stably attached to the outer profile of the Festool MFT, so that you can also use the advantages of the RUWI table extensions in connection with the Festool MFT. The height of the fastening adapter can be flexibly adjusted via a slot adjustment, so that many other multifunctional tables, workbenches, work tables which have a lateral groove of 8-10mm can be combined with the RUWI table extensions.

Yes, it is possible and often useful to use several table extensions at the same time. Our table extensions are designed to connect seamlessly to create a long supporting surface. For a large, wide workpiece support, the table extensions can also be positioned next to each other. E.g. the table extension on the long side of the Mafell Erika, or with 2 fastening adapters on a multifunctional table

Our table extensions are also ideal for mobile use. They are light, compact and easy to transport. Thanks to their stable construction and the ability to quickly assemble and disassemble them, you can easily use the table extensions in different work places. The premium set is particularly suitable for transport and use on the construction site. The table extensions and support rails are stowed in an XXL Systainer and are therefore optimally protected during transport to the construction site.

All table extensions have an integrated hanging option and can be stored in the workshop to save space but are still ready to hand. The length of the Systainers is designed to fit in an XXL Systainer. Either in an existing set or in our preconfigured set.

The height of the table extensions can be adjusted without tools. Our table extensions are equipped with a simple and user-friendly height adjustment mechanism. The lock is released by turning the clamping lever. The height can then be continuously extended to the desired level and fixed there again.

The RUWI table extensions enable the support surface of almost all machines and work tables to be enlarged. To do this, the mounting adapter is either attached directly to the side machine table or with the profile rail. The height can be adjusted on the mounting adapter so that the table extension is perfectly flush with the machine table.

No, the mounting adapters and profile rails are available separately. If you only use the table extension on the Mafell Erika or the table extension mounting rail only on the RUWI milling machine/drilling table, you do not need the mounting adapter. If you also want to use the table extension on stationary machines or work tables, you need the mounting adapter. If the position of the table extension is to be a little more flexible at the side, you can also use the profile rail

The RUWI table extension combines carefully selected materials and innovative functions. In production, we attach great importance to stability and first-class workmanship. Because we are convinced that RUWI tools and machines will improve your working conditions in the long term. By investing in our table extension, you are making a decision that will pay off in the long term.

The table extensions can of course also be used in metalworking/sheet metal working. If larger parts are to be processed temporarily or if you only need an additional storage area, the table extensions in combination with the mounting adapter can also be very useful for metalworking. However, the table extensions are not designed to hold heavy components. Possible applications would be:
Folding bench (additional support surface makes handling large-format sheets easier) Metal grinding machines (more support for large/long workpieces, additional storage option for stacking and collecting smaller workpieces).
Column drilling machine / pillar drilling machine (extended support surface with additional possible stop functions, left, right or front when processing long profiles / pipes) Enlargement of a work table / workbench.

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