Drive unit retrofit kit with fine adjustment for RUWI milling table


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Would you like some fine tuning for your RUWI milling table? Then the drive unit retrofit kit with fine adjustment is of interest to you. You pay an extra price for your Basic, Classic and Premium table router and in return you receive an adjustment unit for fine adjustment of the router height. This fine adjustment enables the milling cutter height to be adjusted to a tenth of an accuracy. Precise work becomes child’s play. The fine adjustment is installed directly in the drive unit. For this reason it cannot be retrofitted. You must therefore use this service directly when ordering a new RUWI spindle moulder or a drive unit. Further detailed information about our product RUWI spindle moulder can be found under the link.

Shipping Information

Packaging: In the carton
Dimension: 570x420x140mm
Weight: 6.3kg

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