More space, more options
Easily enlarge the work surface of your machines and achieve first-class results with the RUWI table extension
RUWI milling table performance
This gives you the opportunity to realize larger, more demanding projects
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RUWI is a developer and manufacturer of tools, machines and mechanical solutions for wood professionals

Design work processes and safety in the best possible way

Improving complicated processes with simple, mechanical solutions. Durable and reliable tools and machines that are built for continuous use in extreme cases.

Save working time

Increase work satisfaction and ergonomics

Maximize occupational safety

With products from RUWI you increase the quality of your work

Milling table

The RUWI milling table is a real all-rounder with special capabilities and numerous configuration options.

RUWI lifting table Basic / scissor lifting table with HPL perforated plate

Lift table

Optimum working conditions pay off in several ways, which is why investing in a back-friendly lift table is worthwhile.

RUWI clamping plate groove set 1 450 x 400 mm

Drilling table

The saw system safety system is an effective occupational safety device for all common sliding table saws.

“As a passionate master carpenter, I developed a milling table in 2000 to optimize the work processes in my own workshop. Since then, the team around me has grown steadily – but our passion for developing new solutions in the wood sector has remained.”

Reiner Ruggaber

Tools for wood professionals


Tools for carpenters, carpenters, master carpenters, master carpenters and interior designers

Furniture construction

Tools for industrial furniture construction, industry and mechanical engineering

Wood working

Tools for professional woodworkers and do-it-yourselfers

Our drive

Together on the way, with irrepressible will and drive to find the best tools and solutions for everything to do with woodworking. Connected and committed to our values and beliefs, with reverent respect for the finest craft. Tradition and innovation in a passionate tension, imprinted with the humility never to believe that we already know everything.

What defines us

Out of passion for the craft, we at RUWI bundle professionals with specialist and master training in the carpentry and carpentry trade. Supplemented by a wide range of engineers, technicians, creative minds and digital nerds, we have a powerful team.

Made in Germany

Consistently and resolutely, we only work with regional suppliers and rely on “Made in Germany”. Our high quality standards are reflected in the longevity of the products.

From wood professionals for wood professionals

Our background is in practice and our team consists of various specialist and master craftsman training courses in the carpentry trade.

Customer service at eye level

We rely on longevity and consistency as well as uncompromising quality, which is reflected in good and efficient workflows – as well as enabling users to work without compromise.

Our values

Creative think tank

With curiosity and irrepressible will, we find new solutions and ways.

Family business

As an independent, privately owned family company, RUWI has grown steadily and based on values for over 20 years. Thanks to our agile corporate culture, we can react flexibly and curiously to different needs and develop freely.


Wood is a wonderful material that represents a powerful ecosystem in its natural habitat. The bridge that our material builds to nature places an emphasis on sustainability in our focus.

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