Buy rounding cutters for routers, table milling machines and all types of milling tools
The purchase of a rounding cutter is worthwhile, as the areas of application are very diverse. In principle, rounding cutters are ideal for processing wood. However, other easily machinable materials such as acrylic glass can also be processed with a rounding cutter, which further expands the areas of application.

Rounding cutters are suitable for rounding the edges of:

– Milling cutters for routers
– solid wood
– panel materials
– many plastics

These milling cutters are used in industrial and series production, in craft businesses, in home and hobby workshops, for interior design and many other areas of application.
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What is a rounding cutter and what is it used for?

Rounding cutters are used to cleanly and precisely round off straight or curved edges.

When milling with a rounding cutter, the workpiece is guided along the guide ring and the edges are now rounded depending on the cutter radius. A cleanly milled edge reduces the risk of injury. At the same time, the shape ensures a nicer decor and improves the feel – so this tool offers a lot of creative possibilities, especially when working with wood with a router.

Other uses: If you buy a rounding cutter and use it in conjunction with a straightedge, you can make a round bar out of a square section bar.

Areas of application for rounding cutters

Three important areas of application for rounding cutters at a glance:
Rounding off for the optics

Rounding cutters are ideal for rounding off sharp edges to create a nicer look.

Rounding off for the haptics

The feel plays a major role in many objects. A rounding cutter is excellent for this.

Mill rounds and flush

Since the guide ring has the same diameter as the end of the cutter, the rounding is milled flush at the same time.

Advantages and benefits of a rounding cutter for the router

Buying a bevel cutter is a great way to add a smooth, soft aesthetic to a fixed object like a shelf, beam, or acrylic divider.

In addition, you can optimize the haptic or tactile perception of objects that one often comes into contact with in everyday life, such as the edges of tables or the pleasantly rounded seat of a chair or bench, or objects that are held in the hand, such as children’s toys. Rounding not only increases comfort , but also minimizes the risk of injury .

In addition, you can kill two birds with one stone with a rounding cutter, because, for example, when veneering or coating a panel, the edges are automatically rounded when the protruding coating material is milled off.

Buy a rounding cutter with ball bearings

Rounding cutters without a ball bearing or with a recessed ball bearing are also often referred to as quarter round cutters. These result in a milled profile with edges. We have specialized in rounding cutters with ball bearings, which make it possible to process straight and curved or curved workpieces as well as interior cutouts.

Each of our high-quality rounding cutters is equipped with replaceable ball bearings or thrust rings and two carbide cutting edges.

What radii do rounding cutters have?

Depending on the desired look and requirements, the rounding cutters with ball bearings are used in different sizes. If you opt for the high quality from RUWI and buy rounding cutters in our online shop, you can choose between sizes R2 to R12 (R = milling radius), with the number indicating the size in millimeters.

Buying a rounding cutter: which one is the right one?

The shank of the rounding cutter must fit the machine or the collet, so before you buy a rounding cutter, you should always read the information in the operating instructions. In addition, the maximum size of the cutter radius naturally also depends on the thickness of the material to be processed and whether the curve should be milled on both sides of the workpiece surface.

working and functioning

In order to be able to guarantee not only precise results, but also safe handling, a few things must be observed when working with a rounding cutter for wood and other materials: The milling tool is clamped on the shank up to the mark in the collet of the milling machine. The workpiece is guided along the stop ring. Because the ball bearing has the same diameter as the outlet of the tool cutting edge, the radius is milled flush with the edge of the workpiece. The tool height must be set precisely so that no edges are formed on the workpiece surface during milling. For optical reasons, you can also set the cutter height a little lower, then a profile is created. In principle, work is carried out in the opposite direction to the milling process.

Order rounding cutters cheaply in the RUWI online shop

When you buy a rounding cutter in the RUWI online shop, you enjoy numerous advantages – not only because of the high quality of the milling tools (thanks to durable materials and first-class workmanship), but also thanks to customer-oriented services with short delivery times and a fair price-performance offer.

“Do you have any questions about the use or are you unsure which rounding cutter you want to buy? Feel free to contact our team!”

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