Stop ruler RUWI milling table Basic


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The stop ruler for the RUWI basic milling table is ideal for simple and safe processing of straight workpieces. This includes grooving, chamfering or rounding wood and other materials. If it is not needed during the milling work, it can be practically hung on the back of the machine and stored. The 610 mm long stop ruler made of anodised aluminum is the ideal accessory for the associated RUWI router size S. It consists of a high-quality pressure device and flexibly positionable stop jaws. In concrete terms, this means that the ruler can be moved freely over the table top thanks to its lateral attachment to the router table. This gives you more freedom of action and the certainty that the ruler is optimally and securely attached to the workpiece. Mounting and dismounting is easy thanks to an easy-to-use quick-change system. You will find more information about our product RUWI spindle moulder here.

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Dimension: 615x100x50mm
Weight: 4.5kg

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