Stop ruler for RUWI router table Premium


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With the stop ruler for the RUWI Premium milling table , you get a high-quality accessory that makes it easier for you to process straight workpieces easily and safely. This includes grooving, rounding or chamfering materials. The ruler is 1155 mm long and has a clever quick-change system with which it can be easily attached to and removed from the router. The chip removal can be precisely adjusted using the depth fine adjustment. The adjustable stop jaws and the pressing device of the RUWI stop ruler enable a better hold and more effectiveness when working with wood and metal. There are also two folding stops that offer a flexibly adjustable start and end point when milling inserts. The ruler is made of anodized aluminum so that you can enjoy the work aid for the RUWI premium milling machine for a long time. The pressure jaws are made of plastic. If the RUWI stop ruler is no longer needed, it can be hung on the back of the spindle moulder and stored in just a few simple steps. You can read more information about the RUWI spindle moulder here.

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Dimension: 1260x130x65mm
Weight: 5.5kg

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