RUWI quick release ø 30mm groove 10


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The RUWI quick release ø 30mm slot 10 is convincing if you are aiming for a maximum clamping force of around 4 kN. With a body diameter of 30 mm, the product is cut for groove widths of 10 mm. Enjoy the compatibility with the usual aluminum profile systems, aluminum profiles and groove tables with a groove width of 10 mm. The product weighs 160 g, has an adjustment height of 14 mm and has a total height of 63 mm. Do you already know RUWI’s “customer-oriented guarantee policy”? The manufacturer is still your contact if you should need spare parts after many years. The availability of spare parts at RUWI is given over a long period of time, which goes far beyond the statutory guarantee period of 2 years. Detailed information is available in our technical data sheet .

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