Multiplex grid board Ø20 mm HPL 1200 x 800 mm


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Perforated plate for lifting table, workbench and work table, HPL coated with 96 holes.

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As an upgrade for your lifting table, work table, work table or workbench, the RUWI Multiplex grid plate is ideally suited as a table top. This consists of low-distortion multiplex and is covered on both sides with a very hard-wearing HPL layer . The multiplex perforated panel itself weighs 15.5 kg.

The breadboard has 96 holes , each with a hole diameter of 20 mm . This diameter allows you to accommodate a variety of accessories on a work surface of 1200 x 800 mm .

The RUWI lifting table / work table thus has the function of a multifunctional workbench. Mounted on the matching lifting table base, it fulfills its function as a storage aid, multifunctional table, assembly table or stacking trolley.

Note: The RUWI Multiplex grid plate is compatible with lift table bases from other manufacturers.

Further information at: RUWI lifting table

Lift table selection: Buy a lift table

Shipping Information

Packaging: In the carton
Dimension: 1220x820x40mm
Weight: 17kg

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