Support rail with anti-slip covering for lifting table / assembly table


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The 120 cm long support rail from RUWI enables workpieces to be processed conveniently – and with almost no fixation. The stop rail is equipped with screwed workpiece supports that can be easily replaced at any time. Thanks to the effective anti-slip covering, the workpiece is held in place so that it does not slip.

You can use the RUWI support rails for all hole grid tables with a hole diameter of 20mm. They are therefore also compatible with all lifting tables with HPL grid plates from our shop.

The stop rail can be fixed in the holes of the multifunctional tables without tools thanks to the two clamping brackets with matching clamping bolts. Incidentally, you can even let the support rails protrude over the table. In this way, you increase your work surface and can quickly and easily remove the stop rail when not in use.

The support rail with anti-slip covering is compatible with perforated tables and multifunctional tables such as Festool MFT and self-made workbenches with a hole diameter of 20mm.

Would you like to find out more about our lifting tables and the right accessories? Then visit our information page RUWI lifting table.

Shipping Information

Packaging: In the carton
Dimension: 1320x70x60mm
Weight: 3.1kg

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