RUWI welding table / leg table with perforated plate 1200 x 800 mm


  • Table size: 1200 x 800 mm
  • Hole grid: Ø 28 mm
  • Table height: 86 – 93 cm
  • Working surface: 4 mm steel
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The RUWI welding table / leg table with perforated plate 1200 x 800 mm is a practical welding table with legs and perforated plate. The work surface is made of 4 mm steel. A working height of between 86 and 93 cm can be selected using adjustable articulated feet. The work surface measures 1200 x 800 mm. In order to obtain a larger work surface, several welding tables can also be used side by side. After alignment using the adjustable articulated feet, the welding table can be screwed together using specially designed holes. The hole pattern of the clamping system has a diameter of 28 mm. The stable construction can be loaded with up to 500 kg, but weighs only 77 kg. This welding table from RUWI is a real heavyweight in terms of resilience, but a lightweight in terms of its own weight. So practical if you prefer a certain mobility without a wheel system. The delivery includes 4 table legs with articulated feet and the table with the 28 mm grid plate. The product is delivered on a pallet with the dimensions 1220 x 820 x 320 mm and a weight of 104 kg.

Shipping Information

Packaging: On pallet
Dimension: 1220x820x320mm
Weight: 104kg