RUWI welding table groove / leg table 1200 x 800 mm


  • Table size: 1200 x 800 mm
  • Groove: 10mm
  • Table height: 86 – 93 cm
  • Working surface: 4 mm steel
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This welding table is designed as a leg table measuring 1200 x 800 mm. In order to obtain a larger work surface, several tables can also be used next to each other. After alignment using the adjustable articulated feet, the tables can be screwed together using specially designed holes. The worktop material is 4mm thick steel with a phosphated finish. This very stable welding table can withstand a load of up to 500 kg. The height of the work aid can be steplessly adjusted from 86 cm to 93 cm using adjustable articulated feet. The table weighs 76 kg. It is about the 10 mm NUT clamping system. Another suggestion: the table is compatible with the 10 mm clamping system. You will receive table legs with articulated feet and the welding table on a pallet in a box with overall dimensions of 1220 x 820 x 300 mm and a total weight of 103 kg.

Shipping Information

Packing: carton on pallet
Dimension: 1220x820x300mm
Weight: 103kg