Rounding cutter with R12 thrust bearing


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The rounding cutter with R12 thrust bearing has a milling radius of 12mm. The shaft diameter is 8 mm and the shaft length is 32 mm. The working length of 19mm is in relation to the total length of 66mm. The outer diameter is 38 mm and the ball bearing has a diameter of 12.7 mm. The milling tool has 2 right-hand rotating carbide cutting edges. It is perfect for rounding corners made of softwood, hardwood and coated panels. Like all other RUWI milling tools, the rounding cutter R12 is compatible with the various RUWI table milling machines, the hand router and the table router.

Technical details

Shaft diameter: ø 8 mm
Shaft length: 32mm
Usable length / working length: 19mm
Overall length: 66mm
Tool/outside diameter: 38mm
Ball bearing diameter: ø 12.7 mm
cutting material: HW – hard metal
Number of cutting edges: Z2 – double-edged
Rotation: clockwise
Scope of application: Softwood, hardwood, coated panels
Machine: RUWI table router S / M / L, hand router, table router, CNC milling machine
Weight: 73g

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