Disk grooving cutter 4 mm for flat dowels with shank


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You are interested in the high-quality disc grooving cutter 4 mm for flat dowels with shank , which allows you to produce precise and stable grooves. Milling in sets is also one of the areas of application for disc groove milling machines. The cutter is intended for flat dowels with a shank. It has a shaft diameter of 8 mm and a shaft length of 49 mm. It consists of hard metal. The working length is 4 mm and the total length is 70 mm. The diameter of the tool is 40 mm. The variable diameter of the ball bearing has the values 15 mm, 19 mm and 23 mm. The clockwise rotating tool has the number of cutting edges Z2. Process hardwood, softwood or coated panels with this cutter. The product weighs 81 g. It is compatible with RUWI milling machines such as table milling machines of various sizes and other milling machines.