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The upgrade for the drill press

The RUWI Classic drill table can be mounted quickly and easily on pillar drills, pillar drills and drill stands. In the grooves, it is possible to fix accessories such as the vice , stops, vertical clamps and horizontal clamps at any point without tools. The two stops can be moved to any position on the stop ruler. The exact stop position can be set to a tenth of an inch using the fine adjustment screw. The length can be precisely defined and adjusted on the precisely lasered measuring scale. If you don’t need the folding stops or when drilling in rows, you simply swivel them upwards.

In the middle area, where the drill could hit the drill table, there is a splinter guard that can be used and replaced on both sides. This prevents the drill bit or the drilling table from being damaged if the workpiece is (accidentally) drilled through.

With the RUWI drilling tables and the optional accessories , you have the best prerequisites for drilling your workpieces quickly, safely and with repeat accuracy.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 74 × 53 × 11 cm

Shipping Information

Packaging: In the carton
Dimension: approx. 740 x 530 x 110 mm
Weight: about 10 kg

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