Drilling table made of sheet steel for drilling machines

Fixed: Workpieces on the pillar drill

The RUWI drilling table with grooves for fixing workpieces on machine tables speeds up work processes on box column drills and provides more security. Clamping elements and stop modules, stop elements and stop rails are freely positioned and fixed without tools. Stop elements can be folded up on the RUWI drilling table made of 4mm galvanized sheet steel. Everything succeeds here in the blink of an eye. Vertical clamps, vice and table extension are further accessories. With them, the drill table can cope with almost all requirements.

Security and Efficiency

The simplest, tool-free operation as well as the operational readiness of the clamping plate, clamps and stops in seconds provide security in handling.


Infinitely adjustable and finely adjustable stops can be positioned very precisely, and can also be used in series production.


All accessories can be freely positioned in the grooves of the clamping plate. With the table extension, the use of large workpieces is also extremely easy.

RUWI drilling table: diverse application possibilities

The RUWI drilling table can be easily and quickly mounted on existing machine tables. For example, pillar drilling machines, as can be found in every company, can be upgraded with a manageable investment. Such machine tables then offer the user real added value and a clear plus in security and flexibility.

Technical dataRUWI drilling table ClassicRUWI drill table Premium
Table size450 mm x 400 mm450 mm x 400 mm
Stop ruler720 mm720 mm
Foldable and sliding stops22
Fixing rails for table extension3
Table extension1
Net price€524.00€714.00

Drill table accessories

Push – turn – fix, it couldn’t be easier or faster. With the comprehensive range of accessories for the RUWI drilling table, you gain valuable time and more safety in no time at all. Clamping and stop elements are fixed without tools using the quick-release clamps included in the scope of delivery.

The vertical clamp set contains an adapter plate, two quick releases and one vertical clamp. The clamps increase safety and increase efficiency in drilling operations. Comfort plus: The automatic height compensation handles material thicknesses from 0 – 40mm completely by itself. This means that the vertical clamp is securely positioned and fixed on the drilling table with the clamping plate in no time at all, without the use of tools. The circular adapter plate belonging to the set ensures precision and flexibility when positioning the pressure spindle.

Additional support surfaces are provided by table extensions that are hung and clamped onto the mounting rails on the side of the clamping plate.

The position bracket set contains a position bracket and a quick release. The quick release fixes the position angle precisely at any point in the clamping plate, on the stop ruler or on the table extension. The stop height and depth can be finely adjusted with the stop screw. With this pre-setting, workpieces can also be machined in series with the greatest possible precision.

The machine vise set consists of two quick-release clamps and a machine vise. The vice is positioned and fixed on the clamping plate in no time using the two quick-release clamps. This set increases the efficiency and safety when working on pillar drilling machines.


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