Safety for the Sliding table saw

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Safety for the Sliding table saw: The clamping and sawing system is for the safe, ergonomic and efficient sawing of workpieces on all common sliding table saws. The new system is an effective protective device that can be installed and adjusted in no time without the need for tools.

The focus here is on the safe, ergonomic and efficient operation of the sliding table saw. When sawing oblique, short, narrow and wedge-shaped workpieces of different sizes, occupational health and safety regulations are often disregarded based on the assumption that it is quicker that way. By contrast, you can work with complete “finger safety” with the smart RUWI clamping and sawing system.

The new protection device for sliding table saws puts an end to the excuses as it makes the safe option convincingly quick without the need for tools or any significant loss of time. The clamping and sawing system is available in a standard and a comfort version. A storage board for wall mounting for both versions ensures that every individual component of this occupational protective device is always in the right place and quickly accessible.

The Set 1 standard version consists of an inclined feed fence with handgrip and a bevelled auxiliary fence. Both can be pushed and variably clamped and adjusted without the need for tools. This set also includes a swing clamp. This quick clamping system is height-adjustable and pivotable through 360°. If necessary, a second swing clamp and a small auxiliary fence can be retrofitted. In addition to the standard equipment, the Set 2 comfort version includes two small auxiliary fences and a second swing clamp for workpiece clamping.

  • Spann- und Säge System Komfort
  • Spann- und Sägesystem Standard

Various clamp arm lengths and corresponding slot nuts make the clamping device suitable for machines such as Altendorf, Martin and Felder, and many other sliding table saws. It is therefore necessary to always specify the name of the sliding table saw when ordering. Various auxiliary fences can also be perfectly fit to the workpieces, and quickly, safely and easily placed and set. Press, rotate and set, without the need for tools – it is really easy and keeps your hands out of the danger zone.

The clamping cylinder that can be operated without tools enables simple and secure connection to machine tables of sliding table saw. Freely adjustable auxiliary stops and swivel arms enable safe sawing of even small workpieces.

Increased occupational safety, easy handling and short set-up times were the development objectives of the clamping and sawing system for the sliding table saw. More information you can find in our catalog and our type list.

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