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Many different types of design and individual “structures”, some of which are highly complex, are created in the areas of operating material, device, special machinery and also trade fair construction using normal aluminium profiles.

They are used to secure workpieces, for panelling all types of machinery, used as casings for safety purposes or for forming the basis for presentation elements and trade fair booths. A flourishing accessory market has grown up around these profiles. Accessories that make installation and removal quicker and easier all the time, preferably without the need for tools. The quick clamps now being presented can be used with all of the most common aluminium profile systems and also on T-slot tables for mounting, clamping or bracing components and workpieces.

Press, turn and fix – it couldn’t be quicker or easier. The new, tool-less quick clamps work according to this principle. They can be used almost anywhere, and are supplied with slot widths of 6, 8 and 10 mm to suit the profiles of all well-known manufacturers. The size of the slot nuts is the reason for this amazing compatibility.

The RUWI quick clamp can be used in any situation where screw connections were previously used. It has a spring-loaded bolt that is pushed into the slot and secured by an eccentric lever. The clamping stroke can be flexibly adapted to the height of the component or the depth of the slot by screwing the adjusting nut in and out. This allows the components to be simply and flexibly secured in a flash.

An inspired installation and carrying aid with an ergonomic handle is available for transporting aluminium frame structures on site or in-house. It is secured in the profile slot by two integrated quick clamps and securely holds the component. Even heavy parts can be conveniently transported from A to B. The adapter plate with two quick clamps that is also available is used as a securing aid when putting up and/or installing wall elements. More information you can find in our PDF catalog.

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  • Klemmwinkel mit Schnellspanner Anwendungsbeispiel