RUWI router table Premium – table router with router


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  • Table size: 1070 x 500 mm
  • Drive unit: 5 (max 10)
  • Milling stroke: 43 mm
  • Speed: 8000 – 25000 rpm
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The RUWI Premium milling table is a worthwhile purchase for demanding professionals in the field of wood and metal processing. In contrast to conventional table and hand routers, there is no need to change tools. Instead, accessories that are used particularly frequently, eg for grooving, chamfering or flush milling, can be easily pre-equipped. The required tool is ready for use in just a few simple steps, making the workflow even more efficient.

Once the required tools have been attached to the professional router / table router, the drive unit of the RUWI router table Premium can be brought into the preset position steplessly and precisely again and again. For you, this means that time-consuming and costly fine adjustments are no longer necessary.

Thanks to the modular design of the RUWI Premium router table with router, it is also possible to retrofit up to 5 additional drive units and other accessories at a later date. At the same time, the space required by the premium milling table is comparatively small. As a result, it can be used wherever it is needed. Be it as an ideal addition to the CNC machine, in the bank room or in production.

As with all router tables from RUWI, a durable high-performance motor is also installed in this model. This makes it easy to increase efficiency while maintaining the high quality of the end product.

For more product explanations and information before you buy, we recommend taking a look at our RUWI milling table information page.

Practical examples: The RUWI milling table in use

fine tuning

The fine adjustment is a sensitive adjustment unit for fine adjustment of the cutter height.

This fine adjustment enables the milling cutter height to be adjusted to a tenth of an accuracy. The fine adjustment is installed directly in the drive unit. For this reason it cannot be retrofitted. You must therefore use this service directly when ordering a new RUWI milling table or drive unit.

Technical details

Function: Router / under router
table length: 1070mm
table width: 500mm
table height: 910mm
Drive Units: 5
Power Consumption: 1050 Watt
Tension: 230 volts
Rotational speed: 8000 – 25000 rpm stepless
Mobility: 4 swivel castors
Collets: Standard ø8mm, optional ø6mm / ø6.35mm / ø10mm
milling stroke: 43mm
Dust extraction connection: 120mm
Tools on demand: 5-10
Tool height repeatable: Yes
Retrofittable drive units: Yes, expandable up to 5 pieces out of a total of 10
Weight: 130kg

scope of delivery

– Completely pre-assembled RUWI milling table table milling machine Premium with 5 drive units
– Controller prepared for up to 10 drive units
– Tool concealment
– Removable suction tunnel with suction socket ø 120 mm
– Operation manual

Shipping Information

Packaging: On pallet
Dimension: 1000x1500x700mm
Weight: 143kg

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