RUWI clamping angle + quick release groove 6


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You are interested in a clamping angle with quick release for a slot width of 6 mm . With this product you can, for example, connect 2 aluminum profiles or simply fix them on a groove table. This product is suitable for Item and Item-compatible aluminum profiles from System 30 with a slot width of 6mm. The clamping bracket has a total height of 34mm, an adjustable height of 6mm and achieves a maximum clamping force of around 3kN. It weighs 70g. Did you know that toggle clamps from RUWI are all-rounders? They not only serve to quickly fix clamping and stop elements on the appropriate groove tables. They can also be used as connectors in trade fair construction, in equipment, fixture and special machine construction. The quality “made in Germany” sets its own standards here at all times. Whenever it’s time to “clamp instead of screwing”, you should opt for RUWI quality. Detailed information is available in our technical data sheet .

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