We are a family business

RUWI is a family-run, medium-sized mechanical engineering company from Fluorn-Winzeln. Our passion is the development and production of innovative solutions for time saving and effective workplace design.

The right people in the right place

We are a team of master craftsmen, engineers, technicians and creative minds. Everyone has different qualifications, backgrounds and experiences. We bundle these diverse expertise with inventiveness, professional competence and team spirit. That is our unique strength!

  •   Reiner Ruggaber
  •   Stefan Ruggaber
  •   Martin Fischer
      Right hand of the CEO
  •   Jörg Hezel
      Engeneering and Sales
  •   Daniel Ruggaber
      Head of Sales and Marketing
  •   Michael Hafner
      Application technology
  •   Florian Ruggaber
      Application technology
  •   Wolfgang Hummel
      Application technology

In order for us to achieve our goals and stay on course we have defined various values.

Our core values are: Innovation, Excellence, Simplicity, Appreciation, Integrity and Passion.

Reiner Ruggaber on the corporate philosophy: “With extraordinary and innovative services and products, we give our partners an advantage in terms of application and make them more successful.”