One router table for many applications

Mobile router table provides on-demand tools like lamello grooves, chamfer cutters or rounding cutters for small batch reworking or processing. It is a perfect upgrade to the existing table and CNC mill. Chamfering, grooving, rounding, grinding, deburring, flush milling of a wide range of materials can be done in no time at all. An extensive accessory range for every imaginable application makes the router table a multi-talent with special capabilities.

Time Saver

Quick preequipped tools replacement makes it easy to change operations instantly. No need for time-consuming trial milling. You only have to set the cutter height once. No waiting at the CNC. All of this saves time and money.


Proven “Made in Germany” technology makes the RUWI mobile router table a reliable and indispensable partner in many woodworking shops and industrial plants.


A mechanism that has proven itself over decades, robust design, simple technology, high-performance electric motors, real endurance runner, long life guaranteed even in demanding industrial shift operation applications.

Versatile Applications

RUWI router table belong to the basic workshop equipment of wood processing companies. They are available in three versions: one-spindle, three-spindle and five-spindle router table. Its flexibility and efficiency in daily use make it a multi-talent in trade and industry. Low space requirements and mobility mean that the router table can be used in production, in a bench room or as a perfect addition to the reworking during CNC machines operating time. You can do all, whether it is chamfering, grooving, rounding, flush milling, grinding, indenting or curve milling. RUWI router tables are ready for small batch and individual parts production.

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  • Technical data
  •   Table size
  •   Mobility
  •   Savings potential set-up times
  •   Tools on demand
  •   Tool height, repeatable
  •   Retrofittable drive units
  •   Net price
  • RUWI milling machine S
  • 520 x 430 mm
  • 2 transport rollers
  • Medium
  • 1
  • 1.995€
  • RUWI milling machine M
  • 640 x 500 mm
  • 4 swivel castors
  • High
  • 3
  • 3.590€
  • RUWI milling machine L
  • 1070 x 500 mm
  • 4 swivel castors
  • Very high
  • 5 to 10
  • Up to 5 units
  • 5.295€

Extensive accessory range

RUWI router tables gain acceptance through their high flexibility in daily use. They have coped with almost all conventional tasks in the wood processing industry. Their modular design with an accessory range makes them fit for needs-based retrofitting for almost all applications. The accessories for RUWI router table have been developed over many years and adapted to the needs of the market. All accessories can be ordered separately (except for those used for fine adjustment).

Stop ruler with pressure device and flexibly positionable stop jaws is used for straight-line operations like chamfering, grooving or rounding. The models of M and L spindle moulders also feature depth fine adjustment. Insert milling is also easily done owing to adjustable end stops. Different examples of use can be found in this video.

The drive unit has a lasered 1/10 mm scale and an adjustment unit with fine thread for fine adjustment of the cutter height with an accuracy of a tenth of a millimeter.

The anodized aluminum table extension (1100 x 172 mm) can be opened when needed and placed at the front or at the side of the RUWI router table when an enlarged work surface is required. The support foot infinitely adjusted in height is foldable and can be easily stowed with the extension to save space.

The curve ruler with a stop jaw made of flexible plastic is used for machining workpieces with inside and outside radius. The radius can vary infinitely. The accessory is hung on the stop ruler and therefore can only be used together with the stop ruler. After use it can be hung on the machine rack side. Different examples of use can be found in these videos.

The 3D assembly is used for machining curved and parts with multiple deformed geometries. It features smooth stepless adjustment for three-dimensionally formed, concave and convex components. Safe working is also enabled here by tool concealment and a suction socket. Different examples of use can be found in this video.

Drive units for RUWI router table are equipped with robust and highly durable 1050 watt / 220V motor and are therefore also fit for industrial continuous use. Drive speed can be infinitely adjusted from 8000 to 25000 rpm. Sophisticated control electronics prevent speed fluctuations under load. It enables a particularly smooth start-up by means of a start-up current limitation. The RUWI drive unit has a 22 mm cutter spindle and an opposing return thread for dirt protection. Rigorous double bearing ensures high-precision moulding patterns. The clamping adapter is made of sturdy steel. RUWI drive units are available in a standard model with 8 mm collets, but models with 6, 6, 35 or 10 mm collets are also available.

RUWI router table can be enlarged easily and continuously with the requirements in your business. We have provided RUWI with modular design and a comprehensive accessory range. If your RUWI reaches its limits for new tasks, just upgrade, upgrade. With the exception of the fine adjustment option for the molding unit, everything can be upgraded later. Therefore, we recommend that wood craftsmen equip a unit with fine adjustment at the very beginning. Customers working in the plastics industry usually select the additional fine adjustment for all molding units.

RUWI router tables are available in the S version with a drive unit, in the M version with up to three units and in the L version with 5 (default) to 10 motors. In this context the respective versions can be enhanced at any time and very easily. The new units are simply attached with two screws and connected to the power supply with the existing plug, done!

At RUWI, we provide our products with a particularly long lifespan, always using the best materials and assuming responsibility. That is why we guarantee our goodwill and, as they say, a “customer focused warranty conduct”. We stand for what we do under the statutory 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, both as an expert contact and advisors on all channels. Get in touch if you need spare parts after many years. We guarantee spare parts availability for a long time.

We gladly render our service to make you satisfied and, whenever possible, do it immediately. Your spare parts order usually leaves the house the same day. A team of competent and experienced professionals always has an open ear for all your questions. In short, service is our personal matter.

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