RUWI Clamping Bolts

Perfect solution for 16 and 28 mm diameter

RUWI clamping bolts are universal talents and as such are compatible with many stop elements from different manufacturers. Its variable, infinitely adjustable clamping range makes it highly flexible. Smooth operation and precise adjustment are ensured by the robust and robust RUWI clamping system.


Suitable for RUWI and other welding tables as well as many common stop elements from different manufacturers with Ø 16 and 28mm


With variable and infinitely adjustable clamping range

Simply sturdy

The absence of complex mechanical components makes the clamping bolts easy to handle and robust and durable in continuous use.

Many applications

Vario clamping bolts are used to fix common stop elements of different material thicknesses on ø 16mm and ø 28mm breadboard welding tables in no time at all. A continuously adjustable clamping ring ensures the attachment of one or more stop elements of different thickness. Even self-made stop elements can be fixed with the clamping bolts. The clamping range is easily preset by means of a scale. Vario clamping bolts enable surface-gentle clamping in the bore.

SchnellspannerVario Spannbolzen 16 SVario Spannbolzen 16 KVario Spannbolzen 28 SVario Spannbolzen 28 K
KlemmungInbusschlüsselWerkzeuglos / KlemmhebelInbusschlüsselWerkzeuglos / Klemmhebel
AnzugsmomentSehr HochHochSehr Hoch300 kg
FlexibilitätSehr HochSehr HochSehr HochSehr Hoch
Stufenloser SpannbereichHöhenverstellbarer Gelenkfuß0 – 36 mm0 – 75 mm0 – 75 mm

RUWI Accessories – A match for every task

No matter what you need to fix in the RUWI Lochraster welding tables, with RUWI’s comprehensive range of accessories, you are up to any task. This makes complex stop and clamping situations a “snap”. Stop rail, horizontal and vertical quick release, Vario clamping bolts and tripods that can be adjusted in three dimensions fix almost everything in the twinkling of an eye – extremely robust, uncomplicated, fast and safe.

The 119 cm long phosphated steel stop rails are fixed to the welding table without tools using the clamping lever. One longitudinal and one transverse braced rail – the stop is ready for a right angle. Simply clamp, align and weld workpieces. For larger mounting parts, the stop rail is positioned so that it protrudes beyond the table. Result: a flexibly enlargeable support surface.

The clamping bolts of the horizontal and vertical quick release clamps provide pre-fixing in the welding tables with hole diameters of 16 or 28 mm. Applications on the table or even overhead are also possible without any problems. Finally, the quick-release clamps are firmly clamped to the table with a SW 6 Allen key.
The pressure screw with hinge plate can be adjusted via the thread. Material thickness of 40 mm automatically compensates the horizontal tensioner.

The position angle set for the point stop is fixed with the enclosed clamping bolt with washer in the welding table. The fine adjustment of height and depth of the point stop is done via an adjusting screw.
The eccentric tensioner set is also fixed in the welding table with clamping bolt and washer. The necessary tension of the workpiece is provided by an eccentrically drilled clamping element. Thus, the clamping work is easily possible even in hard to reach places.

All components of the sets can be quickly fixed on welding tables with hole ø28mm. The included accessories are extremely flexible for a variety of clamping and impact situations. In a jiffy, this results in simple and highly complex constructions. Fixing, clamping, mounting, with the extensive and high-quality accessories everything is possible.

Of course, all parts of the set can also be ordered separately. A wall panel provides space for additional accessories. Its locating pins are freely positionable in the grooves of the panel.

At RUWI, we give our products a particularly long life expectancy, always using the best materials and assuming responsibility. That is why we guarantee our goodwill and, as the saying goes, “customer-oriented warranty behavior”. We stand for what we do also like the statutory manufacturer’s warranty of two years straight out, as expert contact and advisor on all channels. Get in touch if you have spare parts needs after many years. We guarantee the availability of spare parts for a long time.

We like to do our service for your satisfaction and, whenever possible, immediately. Your spare parts order usually leaves the house on the same day. A competent and experienced team always has an open ear for all your questions – in short service is a matter of the heart for us.

In our PDF General Catalog you will get an overview of our product line for metalworking.

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