Milling machine (L)

milling machines

The RUWI with five to ten drive motors represents our largest milling machine. It provides a variety of milling tools on demand. Easy to use and fast tool exchange guarantee an extreme time saver.

The most important milling and grinding tools are all prepared and are available in a few seconds. The correct settings are still there and the test milling is not necessary. Common steps such as radii, chamfers or profile milling, grooving or copy milling can be rationalized with the RUWI. Find more informations in our PDF prospect.

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  • Unterflurfräse RUWI Basis 5
  • Unterflurfräse RUWI Basis 6
  • Unterflurfräse RUWI Basis 7
  • Unterflurfräse RUWI Basis 8
  • Unterflurfräse RUWI Basis 9
  • Unterflurfräse RUWI Basis 10

The extension table allows to extend and expand the machine table quickly.
Unterflurfräse Basis 5 mit Tischverlängerung
…for accurate and linear procedures such as chamfering, grooving and rounding.

The 3-D unit makes it possible to edit and fix curved or deformed parts.

With the freely adjustable french curve inner and outer radii can be smoothly tracked.