Frequently Asked Questions

 Despite the use of modern technology, many companies face the daily re-machining of individual parts or small batches. The sub-surface milling machine makes tools such as the lamello groove cutter, chamfer cutter or rounding cutter available on demand. These tools can be used with a hand grip and eliminate the time-consuming process of sample milling.
 Occupational safety is very important to us! Our customers include many schools and workshops for people with disabilities. The type approval test and wood dust test from the Employers’ Liability Insurance Association is compulsory! 
 Due to special storage and a reverse conveyance thread on the spindle to protect against dirt, the motors are suitable for continuous industrial use.
 Commercially available tools of good quality. Maximum tool diameter of 40 mm, shaft 8 mm. 
All three types of machine are delivered with a connection for a 120 mm suction hose. The suction power is distributed above and below the work surface. In terms of suction power, we recommend a flow rate of approximately 20 m/s.
The simple operating principle is consistent in all types of machine, including accessories. When choosing the type of machine, the number of employees or the available space in the workshop plays an important role for our customers. 
 The three types of machine are prepared so that the complete range of accessories can be retrofitted at a later date. Only the fine-tuning option on the milling unit cannot subsequently be retrofitted. For woodworking, we recommend that you fit a unit with fine-tuning. Our customers in the plastics industry usually choose additional fine-tuning for all milling units. 

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